5th June, 2020

Photo by Loe Moshkovska on

Our feet stick because we are stuck to the ground

A reminder to humanity that we are family

Tiny pieces of energy moving across a single platform we call Earth

The occasional leap towards the outer edge

And the ability to lift ourselves against a force that takes us back to where we belong

We can never leave because this is our home

We belong in the living room of life

Sharing our table with every other living creature

As we grow and wither

And remain

The earth absorbs us into its core

So that we become the ground

As we walk, we stick, our feet stuck to the ground

Like solid particles preparing to dance the final waltz

We play music

We close our eyes to the sweetest melody as it drifts across the earth

And we stay

Holding hands through an invisible force that binds us together

Because someday we will walk across an open field and look up to the sky

As we open the human windows on the place we call home

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