I Caught A Bus In A Funny Old Town


7th June, 2020

~ poem

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

I caught a bus in a funny old town

The driver sang before I sat down

A full-blown opera, he bellowed out

A virtuoso, he did not doubt

For his lungs were full and ready to blast

The little old lady that came on last

She scanned her pass and took her seat 

And so began his merry beat

Tapping the wheel and waving his hand

Like he was conducting some great big band

Each stop, each bell, a work of art

As he drove through the streets in his great big cart

And then when a man said, ‘just drop me off here’.

The bus driver stopped and others just cheered

‘Don’t miss me too much!’ The voice of a gent

As the audience watched him make his descent

So off we went on our musical tour

Out there in the country, I could smell the manure

But the show went on, the bus driver sang

And that was my journey in a funny old land

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