The Odds Of Finding Your Soulmate


7th June, 2020

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It’s a lovely idea that each of us has a soul mate. Someone created and flung onto earth for a predestined meeting. Two people controlled by a worldly force, acting in mysterious ways to draw them together as the perfect match. The idea that we have our feet firmly planted on this giant ball called Earth and at some point our toes will touch through a meeting of mind, body and spirit. 

Not only do we have the vision of perfection, we have the understanding that somehow we will just know. They will show up with a flashing red beacon on their head, a bright orange flame shining a light on their forehead or an orchestra playing in the clouds just like the movies. We’ve all seen the movies. Two lovers running together with open arms and then credits roll, leaving us with tears of happiness sliding down our cheeks as we ponder the possibility of the dream. 

We are left hanging, bobbing around in mid-air without any kind of guidance, a lonely wonderer in search of the perfect match. Ok, so we’ve allowed our brain to create a few neural pathways. We’ve seen it on the big screen, soul mates uniting in full Technicolor and the information makes the journey through nerve cells in the brain so that we are now even more convinced our soul mate is out there. 

We must find them. The blank canvas of the brain has been storing information for years and now we have an internal Mona Lisa. So we set off on a mission to find the one amongst billions of people on the planet. A guesswork trip where we take any coincidence as a sign we are moving in the right direction. The odds are against us, but we believe. We are in magical territory being guided towards our destination. 

It sounds perfect but we have nearly twenty-five thousand miles at our disposal if we walk in a straight line around the earth. If we add to the mix all the possibilities of twists and turns and the chances that we could both be moving in the same direction at the same time then the odds are pretty slim. They might speak a different language or be a different age or gender. They might already have a family and not be in a position to commit or they may want a platonic relationship. It could simply be the wrong time. There are so many considerations that science declares it mission impossible. 

So if we ignore all that and continue anyway, we may just be lucky enough to find our soul mate. We may learn to love imperfection, push circles into square boxes, value the uniqueness in each other and cherish every moment together. If we can find the one that makes us smile when the chips are down then we may have just won the lottery of love!


  1. I met a few soul mates and the relationships still ended. I think for me the process of learning and loving others is the goal. I feel ok with being single for the rest of my life now, because my life lesson is self-acceptance. Good luck in finding what you’re seeking 💖

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