A Beautiful Promise

8th July, 2020


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I can’t see you anymore

My eyes are having the day off

So I hear the sound of the door as you leave

With final words of endearment

As I’m left to pay the electric bill

And stoke the fire with my bare hands

At the face of your new love

With a beautiful promise

To receive a letter

That I shall agree

Without any such resistance

To part amicably

For your happiness shall be my happiness

And your worth shall be my failing

My pride lost in a broken promise

Made by two souls

That were once free to see the world


I can’t speak anymore.

Each sentence an expression of silence

A contradictory world of promises

We promise

Of dreams

We dream

The reason I have become blind

To the intellectual rituals of man

The sense of duty to behave the way I should

To force the pre-defined patterns of human speech

In an attempt to define myself as an individual

When not a single word

Or rush of eloquence

Could be sincere

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