The Conversation

8th July, 2020


Photo by Matthias Zomer on

–           So she

–           Yes

–           Really?

–           All year round

–           Takes some doing

–           It does. And then she takes it to the

–           Scrap yard

–           No

–           No?

–           Of course not. If she did that then

–           She would give herself away

–           She would open herself up

–           To all sorts of comments

–           So instead

–           She goes to church

–           Church?

–           Yes

–           Of course. Because

–           Exactly

–           She knows what to do

–           She’s clever. Except

–           What?

–           She didn’t

–           Take the cover off.

–           A simple mistake

–           Anyone could have made it

–           But not her

–           She covered her tracks

–           Exactly

–           So why did she fail to take the cover off?

–           Because

–           Aha. I get it.

–           You see. She knew what she was doing.

–           Shall we?

–           Yes. She wants us to join her.

–           At what time?

–           You choose.

–           Did she say that?

–           What do you think?

–           Clever.

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