The One (Soulmate)

8th July, 2020


Photo by Cole Keister on

There are certain people in our lives that come and go.

There are the ones that stay and never go.

Then there’s the one, the one that matters, the one that gives meaning to those that leave and those that stay.

The one that simply remains because they never leave and they never stay.

They are just there, in presence, in mind, in body, in soul,

Just there to see the world how we see it.

Just there, making their presence known in every possible way.

We know them better than we know ourselves.

They are meant to be in our world, just meant, no explanation, no guidance, no warning,

They are just there in front of us,

Holding a mirror to our soul, letting us see beyond the physical and superficial reality,

To something beyond our reach,

To a place that only two people can go when their souls become one.

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