I Saw A Pattern In The Snow

9th July, 2020


Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

I saw a pattern in the snow

It reminded me of you

A familiar and powdery land and then a pattern

A single pattern

Something to stop me

It did

I drew breath on that never-ending landscape of white

And then

You slipped away

And in that moment I saw the consistency of the ice change

Thawing into a melted lather

I watched

I stared


As it ebbed away into a shady path


Not even a single glimpse

No trace of a single line on the floor


But a memory

Of soft gentle ice touching my skin

A memory

Of an image that would remain

A memory

Of a pattern

A single pattern

That would change everything

As we crossed

And parted

I learnt

That Instead of waiting

I would fall

Into a bare room where I could dream

That some day

I would see your pattern again

But this time

It would remain cold

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