Walk Away and Forgive

9th July, 2020


Photo by Nycolle Suabya on Pexels.com

Forgiveness takes strength. It’s not a weakness to forgive someone. It doesn’t mean you like what they’ve done. It doesn’t mean you accept what they’ve done. It means you’ve acknowledged something that did not sit right, whether they acknowledge it or not. You don’t need them to acknowledge it. You are going to walk away from something that did not match your values. You wish them well and walk away knowing that you carry not a single ounce of anger towards them. 

You were two unaligned souls. You yearned to walk on the same rope and yet you both danced to a different tune. Something didn’t sit right even though your mind imagined perfection. You were creating the perfect outcome for something that was truly unbalanced. Forgiveness takes strength. To be truly at one with your own values so that you do not compromise. You walk away and forgive. That takes strength.


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