God’s Lamp

1st August, 2020


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I turn towards the moon

As I hold my hand towards the beguiling sphere

Nature’s light casting its shadow against infinity

As I observe through my window

A precious pearl in the sky

A sweet milky gem suspended like an angel

God’s lamp

His heavenly light there to remind us

That the world exists as it once did

A wondrous light casting its shadows across our most precious land

Cascading its light above our heads so that we become blinded by its presence

At times we may lose sight of the most simple beauty surrounding us

So that we search for the material that we can touch and hold

We search for the material that we can place on a pedestal as our prized possession

Until we are able to see reality again

The reality of the material that has become a blindfold 

Against the wondrous world that just is

So if we are brave we will shed our manmade shield

And step towards nature 

So that we can see the flowers again



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