Mystery Blogger Award, thank you Petrel41!

NEURODEVOTION – 19th August 2020

Thank you so much Petrel41 for your nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award, such a kind gesture!!

The answers to my questions are:

Which country and space do you belong to:

I’m very much a free spirit of mystery. My words are written from the inspirational world we live in.

Would you like to go invisible or read other people’s minds:

I am fascinated by the brain, the mind and the psychological that makes us human. So I guess being able to read people’s minds would provide some fascinating insights into the human psyche. Although, there are probably some minds I wouldn’t want to read so an on off switch would be good!

Describe your blogs shortly:

Sharing thoughts about the brain, psychology, human behaviour, relationships, success, creativity and anything neuro! – that pretty much sums it up. The aim is to inspire and motivate and to offer thoughts about what it is to be human and the captivating nature of our psyche and the brain.


What would you prefer tea or coffee:

Definitely tea without a shadow of a doubt! But it has to be loose tea made in a tea pot!

Phobia for any object or situation that disturbs you very much.

When people lack empathy. I believe the ability to empathise is one of the most important things a human can possess. The ability to feel for another, understand another, consider the feelings of another and make them feel understood and act with compassion is critical to humanity.

The questions for my nominees are the same as above. Just repost them with your answers.

My nominees are:

Falcon of the Valley



Inspire Chief

Emerging from the darkness

Sovely Matters

Seoul Sister

Many thanks to all my followers, your support is so much appreciated and I hope you continue to enjoy the thoughts from my blog.




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