Sometimes It Can Feel As Though You Are Being Left Behind

28th August, 2020


Photo by Philip Ackermann on

Sometimes it can feel as though you are being left behind

But you’re not

Because you’re already there

On the same planet earth as all those billions of people

You tread the earth in an attempt to find your destination

But you reached your destination when you were born

You were given a platform with which to walk

A platform that would allow you to climb the highest mountain in the knowledge that you have the ability to return safety to earth

A place where the gift of gravity keeps you grounded

It gives you just enough momentum to be able to stretch your wings and fly

So the next time you feel you are being left behind

Remember to smile in the knowledge that you already made it

To the most wonderful place in the universe



  1. Hi,

    Thank you for making my day with such a wonderful post!
    Your article has really inspired me immensely. I’m glad I came across your blog to learn about such an important topic.

    Your article has inspired me immensely, and for that reason, I am following your blog now. 🙂


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