The Human Brain Is Truly Incredible


26th May, 2020

~ 1 min read.

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The human brain is truly incredible. As the universe evolves, so does the brain. Feed it, nourish it and allow your personal sponge to soak up the most beautiful thoughts. Our most complex organ deserves to be nourished every single day.

With approximately one-hundred billion neutrons at our disposal we have the ability to help shape our experience of the world. There are often things in everyday life that are beyond our control and yet we still have the capacity to choose our thoughts. We have the capacity to create new pathways and to revitalise our experience of the world by learning something new.

Give yourself and your brain the opportunity to start afresh rather than repeating the same thoughts over and over. Remember, the universe is evolving and so is the brain. Every single day you have the ability to turn the page and start again.

You have the ability to paint a new picture on a fresh canvas. You may be restricted by the colours and the brushes at your disposal but it’s your painting. It’s a personal work of art and it belongs to you. As the universe evolves, so does the brain. Feed it, nourish it and create your own masterpiece.



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